Product design

We design and develop innovative products allowing companies to grow and acquire competitive advantages

The objective of the design of a new product is to satisfy the needs of the market, attending to key aspects such as its functionality, quality, reliability, production cost, regulations and other important characteristics for the user.

A change in the shape, dimensions, materials or simply the standardization of parts can lead to significant savings in the final cost of the product, transforming it into a much more competitive one.


Process engineering

We offer services in the area of ​​process engineering, basically we are dedicated to the application of fundamental rules and principles to simplify, streamline or improve a certain process.

We rely on the method of analyzing, altering and ultimately improving a process in order to improve the set of systems.


Virtual prototyping services:

-3D models (100% functional)
-Calculation of weights, volumes, surfaces
-Step-by-step assembly study
-Advance overview and detail
-Renders for catalogs or web pages
-Preparation of plans 


- Desingmech -

One minute invested in planning activities saves up to 10 in their execution.

Alternatives analysis

Our team is in charge of analyzing all the parameters that are related to the efficiency of a process.


Available 7 days a week to offer our consultation service

Experiments and prototyping

When carrying out a project we can carry out prototyping of parts using 3D printers.

Project survey

Our team is in charge of surveying ongoing projects.

New projects

We create new projects every day with clients from all over the world.


  All ongoing projects are handled confidentially if requested.